Büscherit Voranstrich BV 25

Art.No. 70017

Bitumen based primer VN with solvents for roof and basement waterproofing

  • Cold applicable
  • Insensitive to frost
  • Low odour and phenol-free
  • Very good adhesion on the subconstruction
  • Short drying time
  • Low content of solvents

Intended use

  • Primer and bonding agent on concrete, light concrete, flush-jointed masonry, cement plaster or metal for roof- and basement waterproofing with bituminous membranes, as well as bituminous protective coating



The surface needs to be solid, moderate rough, clean and dry.


BÜSCHERIT PRIMER BV 25 has to be applied by brushing or rolling, at a surface temperature of min. +5°C. In case of multi layer application, each layer needs to be dry before the application of the next layer.


The primer is applicable in outside areas and well ventilated areas. Fresh applied primer can be damaged or rather washed off due to heavy rain.


Informationen for safe storage and handling see the actual material safety data sheet.



0,2 – 0,4 l/m² per layer, depending on surface conditions


Drying time

app. 6 hours, depending on surface conditions and temperature


Best before

Minimum 2 years storable in original, unopened, undamaged sealed packaging.


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25 liter drums, also available in 10 liter drums (BV 10)