Create living spaces together - individual and secure

We create living spaces. With thought-out, smart and environmental –friendly waterproofing solutions.

Since its foundation in 1852, Büsscher & Hoffmann has pursued three goals:

  • Protection of the building structure from water
  • Increase the durability of buildings
  • Securing individual living space for people

During these 170 years, the originally simple waterproofing with bituminous roofing felts had been developed into high-quality waterproofing solutions made of modified bitumen and FPO/TPO

For flat roofs, green roof and pitched roofs. For constructions and bridges. For basement and cellar.

Improving people's quality of life by designing the living space for people individual and secure is the guiding principle of our daily actions.


The living space is residential area, working space and leisure area equally, as well the cities we live in. Carefully and thoughtfully designed, buildings achieve a positive contribution to the well-being of their users. Green roofs in particular have an important effect to an improved climate and living space in our cities.


Reducing the impact of land use by optimized utilization of roof areas as additional recreational space and green areas. Biodiverse green roofs create habitats for flora and fauna, reduce noise and pollutants, and act as natural air conditioners due to their ability to store water.



Our close relationship to customer can also be expressed in figures: More than 60 specialists in domestic and export markets are employed in sales and technical support. They actively support in all questions of planning, application and the interaction with other branches every day.


16 warehouses in Europe and our own truck fleet for Austria ensure that our products are in the right place at the right time. We deliver quick, reliable and with a high degree of flexibility "directly on the roof".


In cooperation with our customers, we develop the best possible waterproofing solution tailored to the individual requirements and the architecture. The building and the application are considered as a holistic system.


We ensure a smooth interplay and match of single products, structural components and branches. From planning to the realization and beyond.


Life has many strings and the wishes, expectations and requirements for a building are correspondingly diverse. Whether angular, round or offbeat - with our Know-how in planning and execution, we always find a solution so that our customers' wishes come true.





Buildings and structures are permanently exposed to wind and weather, are used intensively and are adapted repeatedly during the lifetime. The waterproofing is in particular important; therefore we pay also big attention to the small details.


Our product design ensures safe and efficient work, the quality of our products ensures a long life duration, an integral planning offers opportunities for later adaptations like photovoltaic modules, urban gardening or similar.


Some may say 170 years of the past.

We say 170 years of experience for the future.

So that we are always one-step ahead with you every day. In planning, in application at the construction site and in the further development of our products for your construction.

Nowadays Büsscher & Hoffmann is part of the Kwizda group of companies. We operate two production sites. In Enns, Upper Austria, we produce bituminous waterproofing membranes and in Meckesheim, Germany, we produce FPO/TPO waterproofing membranes under the brand name Polyfin®.


FPO-waterproofing membranes compete the product portfolio

Büsscher & Hoffmann acquires 60 % of the shares in POLYFIN AGG


100 years anniversary of the factory in Enns


Patent and market launch of e-plax®

The first DetectionWaterproofing Membrane
Waterproofing and sealing test are merged in one product


Büsscher & Hoffmann d.o.o. was established

in Belgrade as sales subsidiary for Serbia


Büsscher & Hoffmann s.r.l. was established

in Bucharest as sales subsidiary for Romania


Relax-Protect-System was penteted

for SBS modified self-adhesive bituminous membranes


Schiefer-Protect-surface was patented

for bituminous vapour barriers


Büsscher & Hoffmann Kft. Was established

in Budapest as sales subsidiary for Hungary


Start up

of the second production line at the factory inEnns


Büsscher & Hoffmann Sp. z o.o. was established

in Warsaw as sales subsidiary for Poland


Büsscher & Hoffmann d.o.o. was established

in Zagreb as sales subsidiary for Croatia


Investment in a new bitumen preparation plant

and modernization of the factory in Enns


Anniversary production

500 millionen square meter roof and waterproofing membranes at the factory in Enns


Implementation of ISO 9001

as first Austrian producer of roof- and waterproofing membranes


Büsscher & Hoffmann s.r.o. was established

in Brno as sales subsidiary for Czech Republic


Büsscher & Hoffmann started as one of the first Austrian companies

with the development and production of modified waterproofing membranes


The company F. Joh. Kwizda,

Chemical Factory, Vienna, acquired Büsscher & Hoffmann


Opening of the factory in Enns


Set up of factories in
Halle/S., Mainz, Regenstauf, Strasbourg (Alsace), Teplice (Bohemia) and Enns (1920).

Establishment of branches in
Berlin, Munich, Metz (Lorraine), Königsberg (Prussia), Gdansk (Pommerania) and Vienna (1926).