Art.No. 55095


Root resistant self-adhesive SBS-modified bitumen membrane with polyester-composite reinforcement for GREEN ROOFS The membrane is eqipped with an additional torch-on selvedge to torch the side laps (e.g. if the temperature is below the recommended minimum application temperature). This prevents the below layer from thermal damages by torching.

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Top side / Bottom side

Top side

Sand with, 8 cm selvedge (foil) on both sides

Bottom side

Self-adhesive (peel-off foil) with 6 cm selvedge (sand)

Intended use

  • Root resistant Base layer of bituminous GREEN ROOF-systems


Self-adhesive method with / without thermal activation

Side laps min. 8 cm, end laps min. 10 cm overlap

Temperature for application min. + 10 °C (Self-adhesive method)


EN 13707


18 rolls of 10 m x 1m = 180 m² per pallet

Characteristics Testing method Unit Result
Length EN 1848-1 m 10,0
Width EN 1848-1 m 1,00
Straightness EN 1848-1 mm/10m < 20
Mass per unit area EN 1849-1 kg/m2 NPD
Thickness EN 1849-1 mm 4,0
Watertightness EN 1928 kPa 400
External fire exposure EN 13501-5 Class NPD
Reaction to fire test EN 13501-1 Class E
Shear resistance of joints EN 12317-1 N/50mm NPD
Tensile force long./trans. EN 12311-1 N/50mm 1000/800 (±200/±100)
Elongation at single-end breaking force EN 12311-1 % 50/50 (±10/±10)
Resistance to impact EN 12691 mm NPD
Resistance to static loading EN 12730 kg NPD
Resistance to tearing (nail shank) long./trans. EN 12310-1 N 200/200 (±50/±50)
Dimensional stability EN 1107-1 % ≤ |0,5|
Flexibility at low temperatures EN 1109 °C -20
Flow resistance at elevated temperature EN 1110 °C 100
Root resistance EN 13948 Class root-resistant
Water vapour transmission EN 1931 µ NPD

NPD = No performance determined